Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Pepper is knitting!

By the way...I had a little chat with the high speed internet guy and he vaguely mentioned it was in the hands of the Purolator guy...Sounds a lot like the cheque is in the mail?? I am hoping that Purolator is fast at delivering this mystery equipment needed to hook me up. I have pictures to upload!

My seven yr old daughter Chloé whom I refer to as Pepper started to knit this past weekend. I am sooo proud of her! She is taking these pink garter stitches to heart and I would love to post a picture, don't you know.

I am busy knitting for Xmas. Right now it is socks for Len. The yarn is Soxx and something is weird about the tension...I had to frog it twice. He hates it when I rip up my work. It makes him woozie. He says he sees me knitting backwards more often than forward lately...ahhh that can't be true. I think it has something to do with him witnessing some traumatic cable repairs last summer and he is still getting over it...I have pictures of that too...Jeebus.

I finished knitting my hedgehog from fibertrends. Honestly, it took one day to knit but it actually took me three tries because I made mistakes. A lot of short rows and I suck at any math endless counting and the family keep bugging me talking to me. (Insert 'whoo hoo' to Narco here. She knows why. Thanks!) She spent a busy afternoon last weekend in with one load of laundry getting all pretty then I threw her into the dryer for good measure. We all think she is adorable. Without stuffing, she has boobs. Very funny indeed. This is my first felting of knitting (on purpose that is). I think she could use a little more scrubbing in some places. But I am particularly pleased with the paws which I used my own spun brown wool from Frieda of my herd. Very special. Glad that Frieda's wool felted so beautifully even though the wpi were not the same as the rest of the yarn. The whole thing is so cuddly and I want to make a few more.

We have snow on the ground! Makes the needles click faster I think. My cookstove is humming away...I wonder how I will ever leave the house to go Christmas shopping? It is so cozy here. If it wasn't for running out of fig newtons and coffee I would never leave again.

I had a happy moment at the last guild meeting... I saw at the next table a gal wearing the Oregon vest from Alice Starmore. I got to touch the soft wool and admire it. What a lovely vest and knit so beautifully. I promise myself to buy that kit someday. If I live through the Grass Creek Park vest next year...fingers crossed. Which leads me to...

I started swatching the syncopated caps. I do believe my yarn is not going to work without some tweaking. Maybe serious tweaking is needed. Like trying to buy another wool. I am a little baffled when comparing one gauge requirement to the next. Sometimes those numbers don't make sense to me. I have my work cut out for me. Some good advice would not hurt me either. I am a little discouraged...some of the bliss has rubbed off, I am afraid. Oh dear. I really loved the colour of the wool I chose for this project. Sigh. I'll keep knitting the socks for now.

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