Sunday, November 25, 2007

One bean coffee...

I could wait for the possibility of someday adding photos to this sorry excuse of a blog; however I can't wait! I must share this with you. Yesterday was all about me... I had a spinning workshop at the OVWSG called 'Gaining Control'. (If only it affected my whole life!) It was over wayyy to soon and of course I left there in the belief that my brain is not a vessel but a canal... All jokes aside, I hope some of it will be applicable in my daily spinning life. It was so much fun! I learned how to use hand cards. I learned that you need to have some muscle to get those babies on the path to rolag bliss. I met some new ladies involved with the Guild and we took pictures and had Shawarma for lunch. Yum. I got home just in time to change and leave again because I was invited to a very special place... Château Montebello! Whoo hoo! Ahh it was so pretty in the snow at night with the Christmas lights twinkling. I was joining my sister there as her guest for her office Christmas party. Wow. What a treat! Of course, I brought my knitting.... The sock had a nap in the lovely room my sister got to spend the night in while we dined in grand style... She has a dream job doesn't she? We had a beautiful table with some dynamic people sharing the best fancy meal I have ever had. Le Café who? There was some damn good red wine... There was excellent conversation... There was delicious salad, artichoke soup, vegetables of perfection with raw beef which was sooo tender and a chocolate dessert which all culminated in the overwhelming desire for a really really good cup of coffee....right? I mean, this place is wonderful... The ambiance is just so. The food was fit for a King (or a president). We could almost taste it. A cappacino, espresso?? Oh man, we could hardly wait...and then it was poured... One bean coffee. La merde! Ruined everything. I should of had liquor tea. oh man... There goes my happy place. I guess we won't have the reception there when my sister marries Johnny afterall. Ah crap.

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