Saturday, November 10, 2007

No pictures yet...

I got one picture uploaded and then accidentally deleted it...Geez Louise I need help.
I am on the final lap of those commissioned socks... yesss. I went to the LYS earlier this week and found the colour of yarn I love on my hubby. I think he looks really good in this shade of rustiness. I bought some more sock yarn and some mitten yarn...I borrowed two books from the OVWSG library on mittens and such and am dreaming of a certain hat pattern I found in Interweave Knits magazine (summer 2007) called the syncopated caps by Kate Gilbert.

Other knitting I am dreaming of...I have promised myself to start a lovely (did I say lovely?) kit by Mabel Corlett of the Wool Room called Grass Creek Park Vest on January 1st 2008. Let the New Year come! I still have to finished my aran sweater still on the needles and this is a pretty cool deadline. Not too much pressure just incentive enough. If you ask me.

As for spinning...I plied the stuff I spun on my new spindle. Washed it and hung it out on the line. I have a picture of this but...sniff. I am happily spinning the Frieda wool. Not nearly often enough but the girl has laundry to do. Cooking and cleaning too. I even had to haul out my sewing machine this morning, much to my chagrin. It seems Len can't find a fall coat to fit his arms...sigh. I like sewing in small doses when it is something cool. But I loath repairs...cuts into my knitting time.

Well my herd have not seen me yet today...and you have not seen my herd! sniff...So I am off to the Bergerie.

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