Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Let them eat cake!

On Monday my husband decided we were going to buy our winter supply of hay for the herd. You know that line that says 'where my stash grows and grows'? Well, in order to grow, we have to feed said wool growers'. It is a slow and bumpy trip to the hay farmer and back with as big a load or two of hay we can muster. It is even harder getting the bails into the upper floor window of the bergerie. Guess who has to be in there to drag, push and huff and puff those bails into some sort of order? Me! My hubby peeps through the opening trying not to laugh at me because these rectangles of hay weight almost as much as my skinny arse. To make matters even stickier, there is not head room enough to stand. I have to lift and place the hay while being bent over which is murder on my everything. I was never so happy to sit and rest for a bit as yesterday in between loads. It's too bad I am not better at this farmer girl stuff. I say, let them eat cake! I did however, finish my pair of socks in the truck on the way to the hay farmer. One more gift done. I wish I could post a picture! I just can't stop wishing that... Where the hell is that Purolator guy? I must be last on the list or something. Anyway, what to knit next? I am nervous about that syncopated cap because I overheard my hubby grumble that there are too many tuques in this house... Oh dear, I didn't realize...

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