Thursday, November 8, 2007

Dial-up is no friend of mine

Welcome! My first post. I have so many lovely pictures to share and nothin' wants to upload. Désolé. Luckily, knitting takes the edge off anything.
The sun is beaming through the windows today. It is cold outside and I am keeping the home fire burning. I think... Since we have just recently started making fires in the cookstove this season and I have to remember to feed wood into the beast... My hubby counts the sticks of kindling wood and gets crabby about making more if we suddenly run out... I am not so good with an axe so I try really hard not to waste those precious bits of dry wood for the sake of being forgetful.
On the needles...I have a commission to make socks for a 4 year old. I am winging this one because I don't remember how small those feet are... but I am willing to frog and have a re-do if the need be. Besides that, I have my aran cardigan sleeves to finish and Christmas presents to make!!

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